22 June 2009

Mughal Art in an Ocean of Concrete

This photo was taken by Q. Isa Daudpota while on a private plane over Lahore. Sit back and enjoy it. It is truly a great photograph of the Mosque, the Fort and north Lahore.

17 June 2009

What used to be a cricket ground, Krishenagar

This cricket ground was converted into a car parking lot for people going to the civil secretariat or going to the District & Sessions Courts Complex (where this photo was taken). It was the cricket field used by the people of Krishinagar. The government has promised to provide another recreational ground nearby as part of its remodeling of the Anarkali Tomb complex (you can see the dome of the tomb on the top right hand corner of the photo).

This is another example of how the automobile and the use of the automobile has been deemed to be more important than people.